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Henfield 100 Celebration Weekend

17-19 June 2011

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Henfield H3 Celebrated it's 100th run in and around Henfield with a host of characters who you can see below

Henfield 100th Runners Assemble

Bollocks So Happy it's Harvey's and not St Omer

 I bet you lost your strength without your hair!

Why are you running Bollocks, say's Rumpole!

Charlie - Youngest attendee ever wants to know why Mrs Snot hasn't got a silly hat on!

Little Bear not that sort of adjustment!


V for Virgin................H4 Runner

Blonds have more fun!

He's my little boy!

SC H4 Hash Hound - Sober!

Friday Night Red Dresses

 Oome Mud showing Miss Wingealot how to drink

Homer Prefers Blue!

Oome Red Shoes & Cider!

Have You got my Teeth!

Splitpin shows us all how to sleep and drink!

Sam drinks for England - and he can keep his balls straight!

Moneypenny dressed for any occasion - Fishing?

Spot the Pirate!

Little Bear - Best Dressed

Pissticide wants to hop around!

Snotty leading the other Henfield walkers across the water 2x2

Snotty checks out 'Falsie'

Don't push Oome Mud

Snotty with Oome Tribes people

Boggers takes his medicine well!

H4's Finest Drinkers even the photographer is too slow!

Pissticide Takes one for the Oldies - No excuse for the socks though!

Oome mud puts the boys to shame!

Slash Gordon - No chance against Oome even with a headstart!

Call Girl keeps the boys gasping!

Roadrunner just about makes the change from Coke to Beer!

Snotty manages a down down even with an arm restraint, bad luck Cystpip!

T-Bar-Twin pulls a brolley to protect the beer!

OMG Bouncer goes to Dallas

 The Three Sopranos!

Blimey Roadrunner what tablets are you taking!

Dilly & Jenni two Emu's who flew in from Dorset!

Daffy has new clothes!

Bollocks whips some runners up!

Wrestling won by Snotty who re-names Bouncer!

Miss Wingealot & Oodeeme worse for wear!

Sunday Hangover

Buttplug with a beer - Not Champagne!


Sir Snot

Snotty (GM) Henfield Hash House Harriers

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